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campaign management software
Special campaign management and software solutions for shopping malls.
professional consultancy service
Accurate campaign solutions for the target customer group with our expert staff.
support service
Professional and uninterrupted live support service after sales.
custom software
Special software development solutions for businesses with our professional team.
Are you ready to enjoy technology?

Lucy is an unrivaled crm and campaign management software with its user-friendly interface, which can organize campaigns in numerous fictions and make all records on the same screen.






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our achievements
The journey of our solutions and new campaigns, software and modules that we have brought to businesses from past to present...
  • Lucy Crm Solutions

    Lucy is customer smart loyalty system software designed for shopping malls..

  • Lucy Mobile Solutions

    We carry your campaigns and events to digital with mobile solutions we have developed specifically for your brand.

  • Micro Web Solutions

    We carry your campaigns and events digitally with the website we developed specifically for your brand.

  • Contactless Sweepstakes

    Campaign solutions that do not require a consultation point via web or mobile.

  • Money Card Solutions

    Software solutions that make campaigns fun by gamifying.

  • Dijital Oyunlaştırma

    It is real-time data collection and reporting software for visitors.

  • Surveys

    It is real-time data collection and reporting software for visitors.

  • Feedback

    It is a modular software where visitors' suggestions, requests and complaints are collected, processed, resolved and reported.

From the Eyes of the Sector; Yeniyol Software

I am very happy to have cooperated with Yeniyol software in our CRM applications. I would like to thank Yeniyol software for its professional approach, work discipline, and dedication and support.

Muhsin ERKOÇ

Mall General Manager

On behalf of our company, I would like to thank Yeniyol Yazılım, our friendly solution partner, who is open to new ideas and projects, enabling us to create a comprehensive customer database with CRM software specially designed for shopping malls and to analyze customer feedback in a healthy way.

Mehmet Ali ÜNSAY

Mall General Manager

Yeniyol Software; the path of a young, determined, hardworking, patient and persuasive team. We would like to thank the Yeniyol Yazılım team, who are the main architects of Kentpark Mall's Loyalty Card and CRM applications, which are innovative, create added value, and most importantly, are constantly imitated in the sector.


Mall General Manager

Getting to know our customers in 2010; In order to reach the masses who prefer us and to reflect our mutual synergy, we implemented the "Kİ! card", our card project integrated into CRM, with Yeniyol. The implementation of the project was painless and hassle-free due to their contribution in all business processes. And as of today, we have 45,000 Ki! We are working together to carry our project, which contributes significantly to the turnover of the card user, even further.


Mall General Manager

At 15:00, we called Şenay, the general manager of Yeniyol Yazılım, and asked her if she could come to Istanbul urgently. Mrs. Şenay came out of Ankara within a few hours without even asking the reason for the call and we had a meeting all night. She is a perfect solution partner who is fast, knows her job and can use her knowledge, and you always feel that she is with you.


Mall General Manager

With today's developing technologies, customers' demands for quality service are increasing. CRM services, which can be described as the customer-facing face of institutions, is the most critical application to meet this need. CRM is an indispensable communication tool to maximize customer satisfaction in today's competitive environment. Yeniyol Yazılım has internalized the logic of the basic building blocks of customer relationship management very well and has been a good guide in our sector with the software they have developed with this logic.


Mall General Manager

Thanks to Yeniyol software with its experienced and friendly staff, we have a flexible and easy-to-use reporting capability.


Mall General Manager
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yeniyol yazılım
about us

Yeniyol Software is a software company that has been managing the campaign management, customer loyalty projects, crm software, mobile/web applications and prepaid money card campaigns of more than 100 shopping malls in Turkey since 2009.

In this direction, it develops versatile software such as user-friendly and web-based software, mobile applications, kiosk applications, and digital game campaign models. As a software company that combines prepaid money cards with shopping center campaigns and realizes contactless lottery campaigns for the first time in Turkey, it carries out more than 1,500 different campaigns every year in Turkey's most exclusive and most visited shopping malls.

our vision

To be the industry leader by making a difference with the services and products we offer. With the latest technologies To bring the user experience to the top with our easy-to-use software we have developed. Time To provide unconditional customer satisfaction with the support we provide regardless of the difference.